The Prodigal Blogger Returns

Hey guys!!!!!!

I know, I know, I know!!


It’s been centuries since I last posted on the blog and I’m so sorry.

You see this adulting thing is much more difficult than I thought.

One would think that with orientation camp over, I would finally be the babygirl I was destined to be.

However, working and trying to get your life in order takes its toll on you.

But I’m back to writing now and I promise you much more exciting posts.

You know how we do!!


In the past months, I have learnt a few things though.

I guess the most important lesson of all was that I can’t always control everything.

Most times, I could be a perfectionist and it almost always flows into everything I do.

But I’ve come to understand that life’s unpredictability is what makes it very beautiful.

I can’t always have everything figured out.

Second lesson would be to sometimes take a break from everything.

We all want to save the world and all but we can only do that when our body and minds are in the right place. A time out is good every once in a while.

In the meantime however, I am living and loving life.

Life’s what you make it right?

So let’s live it up.




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